Excerpt: ‘Act Like a girl, Think Like a Man’

Read an excerpt of the renowned entertainer’s brand new book for females.

Feb. 24, 2010 ? — With a decades-long profession in television, including his very own show, Steve Harvey has conquered the news world. But during his shot that is rocket-like to top, Harvey had their share of relationships and gained lots of experience with women.

Now he is switching this experience into sage advice for the fairer sex. Just like the name of their guide states, a female could discover a complete great deal if she’d “Act Like a girl, Think Like a guy. “

Take a look at an excerpt for the guide below, then check out the “GMA” Library for other great reads.

Chapter 10: The Five Issues Every Woman Should Ask Before She Gets In Too Deeply

Had simply reached Hollywood and I also had been seeing several things my then thirty-eight-year-old eyes had never ever seen before. One particular that stood out many had been the approach to life of the famous and well-regarded celebrity, whoever title i am simply likely to go ahead and stick to myself. But that much we shall inform you: this man had it all—money, popularity, and a bevy of super-beauties so incredibly bad he might have effortlessly made Hugh Hefner scrape his head and wonder just just how he might get in on that action. After all this guy ended up being enclosed by gorgeous ladies. Plenty. All. The. Time. And I also had been surprised as of this because i really couldn’t know how one individual could easily get a few of these fine females like this. I am talking about, he had beenn’t the best-looking guy in the business—there had been others with an increase of cash, more prestige, and definitely better looks than him. (more…)

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