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How Do Hotel Booking Systems Work?

Small lodge managers and owners realize that technology is the key to developing their commercial enterprise and increasing their bookings beyond regular time.

The motel reservation system works with the aid of processing on-line bookings made thru the resort internet site.

The information is then transferred to a back-end system that can be accessed by the hotel to control the booking. Some features such as the automation of booking confirmation emails are a part of the package.

In order to sell rooms to fill and attract international audiences, a hotel booking program is required.

We will discuss how to pick out a system, especially because there are quite a few designed for big inn and chain operations.

What is the hotel booking plan?

The hotel booking gadget is a software program used by motels to allow visitors to make cozy reservations on-line. The hotel booking system may be synchronized, no longer only with your current website, but additionally with FB. This allows guests to book rooms in a convenient way through the social media platform. 

Along with enabling guests to book online directly, these booking programs may also provide hotel operators with additional services.

For instance, a station manager may be part of a booking system, giving hotel operators the opportunity to distribute their products and live simultaneously available to all online agents.

How long does it take to use the new hotel reservation system?

With the right company, using a lodge reservation system for your area can be brief and painless. Depending on your needs and your previous system, you may even be able to start working during the day on your new system. Your provider will include helpful guidelines and support along the way.

Why is a booking system necessary?

The hotel booking structure is a need for modern accommodation providers, large and small.

A developing range of travelers depend completely on online bookings to e book their accommodation, and without this potential, you may lose treasured business value.

Some other factors to invest in hotel booking programs include:

It gives you more profit than your competitors. There are still many small hotels today that do not have the capacity to book online. Few people live in those areas, and you can find a competitive edge with the online booking system.

It improves your efficiency as a business. Your availability is updated as soon as you receive the booking, not only in your system but across all your channels you may keep time on administrative obligations even as also reducing the hazard of over-reserving rooms in your vicinity.

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Transfer 5 Tedious Tasks To The Hotel Management Software

As tourists flock to the internet to control their trips, and local businesses do the same to administrate their operations, the world is becoming more and more linked. Automatic, complete communication, and productivity are the vital benefits of hotel management software.

It can be hard to get rid of old practices that are very common to you. It is considerable that you find it difficult to trust software that would perform tasks in seconds that you perform yourself in a sizable span of time.

When you look at the results, you realize the rewards that come with handling your site, enticing visitors, and process reservations far outweigh the costs and risks. As a plus, you will have plenty of time on your hands.

Here are a number of the important thing things you may want to do after you begin the use of the software to manage your web page:

1.   Cut data and generate reports with old spreadsheets

You can view reports whenever you want, extracting data that you can quickly analyze to make better business decisions. You will be able to see activity reports, the performance of your booking channels, daily performance reports, and more.

2.   Link between entire data

One of the main advantages of hotel management software is that it integrates all your activities into one place where you can manage everything. This includes accumulating and editing reservations, producing and accessing guest profiles, sending invoices, arranging to housekeep, and authorizing entry and exit. You will not have to worry about losing or misplacing anything, or having any backup. You will also be able to quickly search for historical data instead of scrolling endlessly!

3.    Wasted time on communication

The software will enable you to email the guests automatically before and after the stay giving a personal touch. No more making connections from time to time!

4.    Needed at the front desk, or in the area at all!

A good internet connection is the only thing standing between you and your data available on a secure cloud. Providers like PCI have a mobile app so there is no need to be tied to your front desk to process bookings and checkouts etc. We are way ahead of the days when you had to sit at your front desk, waiting to book your arrival.

5.    Manually review rooms and prices for reservation stations

Channel managers make any updates you make to your property management system are automatically transfer to all of your connected channels simultaneously - even your website. The same thing applies when booking is done. There will be no need to update your inventory in person, it will be done for you by the software!

All of this parallels freedom and easiness and is a major reason why many proprietors around the world are now using software to manage their assets. It's fast, it's not too painful and it brings back what is most precious to you - your time!

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How To Choose The Best Hotel Technology For Your Motel?

Happy that you are on your way to participating in increasing the technology you use. It is certainly the best method to run your business successfully and competently.

When it comes to choosing the right one, think carefully about what you want to achieve. Select a resolution that takes care of the foundations by helping you manage your home maintenance, make your visitor experience personal, and make managing your entire space easier.

The ability to try for free is also not discussed. You should choose software solution when you are sure it is the best one for your business. A contract free time allows you to enjoy and test the software without risk, so you can make an informed decision in any way when the trial period is over.

Your goal is to:

aGet more direct bookings?

aProgress the administration and decrease errors?

aOptimize for phones?

aFind the ‘value for money’ solution?

aMake simple updates, and keep record of your agenda?

aGrow your reservations and audience?

aGet a summary of room conditions?

aDo you entertain guests?

Ask a lot of questions from the provider you consider. Quality product owners do not mind questions.

Factors To Consider While Selecting a Hotel Management Software

There are several factors to consider when choosing which hotel management software is best for your area. You need to classify precisely what you want, noting the important aspects you need to have.

It may be helpful to look for these indications:


The names of users matter a lot and knowing if people are happy with their information should be an important guide for you when deciding on your provider.

Is it just like a front desk?

A one-stop solution that combines a channel manager with a booking engine is the best choice for small hotels.

Customer support?

If you need help you will need it right away which means local support for your time and language is very vital. A customer database is also necessary.

Is the price adjustable?

The individual environment of your area should be taken into consideration when it comes to payment. It should have some flexibility available for you.

What Features of The Front Desk System Are Needed?

Consider the wider outcome before diving into the minor details. You are investing in this system so it would increase your revenue in lesser time, so the traits of the system should point in that direction.

1. Free you from the front desk:

You should be able to access it through the cloud, no matter what your location is at the moment.

2. Looks into booking sites easily:

Invest in a system that distributes your rooms in an orderly fashion, without running the risk of double-booking your rooms or displeasing customers. This will save you from poor reviews, losing revenue, and even more, time spent trying to fix the situation. That’s why your front desk system should also be the manager of your small hotel place.

3. Simplify front desk administration:

You must have all the features and tools similar to the front desk so that you are fully prepared to run everything in an organized manner.

4. It raises profits per customer:

Along with working hard to get more visitors, you ought also to make an effort to increase returns from each visitor.

You should be enabled to pack, and customize add-ons for guests to buy a wine when they arrive or for breakfast the next day.

5. Looks into visitor communication:

Your front desk system should be able to send incoming and outgoing emails, and customize each email template to match the look and feel of your product. This will add an orderly manner to your style.

6. It supports balance and advance:

Not like massive motel chains, your budget may be constrained. Without improved reporting, you will not be able to see which promotions or channels work best, or what your competitor's prices are.

We have tried to cut out the best checklist and help you choose the right technical solution for your business!

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Top articles on Property Management

Boost Enterprise at your Hotels through Application Software

Apps usage is a rising trend globally that is so much on the peak that everyone with smartphones has a minimum of 12 applications. Now we have an excellent app for anything that can be thought of; from social media, tracking workouts, culinary, music, and more.

This is just the beginning because I am about to tell you that there are also apps you can use in your resort to run your business successfully, enhance the visitor experience, reduce costs and increase your profits?

These small systems hold a lot of energy and the hotel industry is very busy every day.

Associating with your existing programs has the potential to bring your business to the upper level. To get started, let's discuss everything you need to know about the apps, as well as some of the best ones you can try.


To talk about it in a plainer manner, applications have software that enables the users to perform certain tasks. Apps can be used on mobile phones, personal computers such as desktops and laptops, and also televisions now.

If you think regarding it, the use of applications started way before we even knew we are using them. The idea of availability and purchase of application software started even before Apple Inc. sold its first product.  From purchasing apps from concrete stores, we have moved to buy from the online app stores such as Play Store and Apple AppStore.

Gradually, applications came into our lives and became a major part of our personal and professional lives. Every single time you use one of the Microsoft Office tools on your computer or Facebook on your phone, you are benefiting from an app.

Benefits Of Using Apps in A Small Space

Usually, apps are intended to make life easier for you while using your space. They permit you to tailor the technology you use to fit your needs, solve real problems easily, make informed decisions, and manage information more successfully. You possibly already get the idea that there is an app that fits any goal you want to achieve in your area. The market is full of everything with apps that can help you:

4Make extra money on each reservation

     4Improve your status

     4Develop better customer relationships

     4Increase direct bookings

     4Accept noninvasive procedures

     4Adjust booking and login management

     4Operate property, off the property

     4Save time and reduce costs

     4Selling to your guests

     4Develop guest communication facilities

     And more!

Mobile Applications and Hotels

With time the kinds of travelers change, and the latest most influential and strongest tourists are Generation Z or Millennials - a generation of young adults who consider exposure over material things. Since they have grown up with the technology around them, and they automatically assume that they will be met by the latest technology as they travel around the world.

Most of the boarders are already participating in, building, or using mobile apps to enhance their visitor experience - for example, these applications will permit guests to demand room service, enable early access, or purchase more and easily customize them. Other features of the hotel include special location guides, caretaker services, deals that can only be found in the app, and the facility to request certain types of toilet facilities.

On the other hand, smaller setups can make use of these apps to expand their backend performance and boom general efficiency, making operations much less difficult.

That’s why PCI has its own mobile app to help you stay on top of your asset management, as well as an app store where you can access a list of useful applications that allow you to grow as a business and deliver better services.

Introduction To PCI Channel Manager

As mentioned, PCI now owns a hotel app! You now have access to new features designed to help small hotel owners advance their businesses. Here you will find features that cover all the benefits mentioned above and more.

These apps can interact with the hotels and visitors, consenting you to expand what you can do in your area depending on the effectiveness of management and the services you can bring to your guests.

As the industry grows, and your business grows, running useful applications over your current systems will allow you to grow well to meet the needs of travelers from all over the world.

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How To Start a Hotel Business?

It can be a great opportunity to meet and know a whole lot of new people when you run your own hotel business. When your own hotel business, it gives an individual to work for themselves, but it also means to work and plan hard.

While it is still a dream for many people, you can turn it into your reality by working on it.

The blog describes significant pointers and phases to thinking about when laying the establishments of your hotel.

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A Way to Enhance Front Office Operations at Your Own Estate

Are most of your business tasks and drawbacks centered on your front office? Since it is the core of your work, and try to be calm during the disorder & confusion. In spite of everything, it is very important that you focus on making a good first impression and give the seamless feeling that your guests expect.

Important details and updates like housekeeping, bookings, accounting, check-ins, exits, and different things you could do, can cause your front office to be a busy place with considerable confusion.

The good news is that there is much you can do to progress the performance of your former office, exceed the expectations of your guests. Let’s dive into startup tips, explain how the software can help, and use the main systems you can try in your area.

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Top articles on Bed & Breakfasts

How To Improve Reservations at All Levels at Your B&B

Bed and breakfast need to use all available sales channels to attract and serve visitors. But how? Here are some great ways to climb up all levels - your reservation, booking of third-party websites, and direct online booking.

Online Travel Agency (OTA) Reservation.

OTAs are an important marketing channel for small-scale boarders. They help you get your name out there. When you look at the facts, you will know that OTAs are the second most widely used hotel reservation channel, accounting for about 20% of the bookings done on the internet.

You can increase your OTA ranking through:

Keep Your Content Posted 

You are more likely to get posted and listed higher when your profile is complete and filled with explicit details. OTAs would prefer to post you when it would know you fit the criteria that would want the visitors to check and book you.

Try to add in as much positive detail and extra features about your services as possible, it is more expected that the visitors will choose you when they know more about what you have to offer.


Hotels can go from the top of the list to the last because of small, but crucial mistakes. Nowadays the hotels are approached and booked on the basis of the reviews given by their former guests. The motels are also rated by the guests according to their experience with you. You need to add this feature so that everyone can know what a great time you have to offer.

Mobile Phone Optimization Makes Website Better

One of the best ways to multiply and boost your bookings dramatically is to optimize your website and portal for registration. They need to be optimized for mobile phone use.

It is reported that one-fourth of reservations are now from phones, and 50% of further visitors finish reservations once the website is available for cellphones.

Produce Brochures

Your bed and breakfast can profit significantly through the use of brochures since it makes you appear professional. There is a perception that only the best can afford this type of marketing pledge. It is also suitable for busy travelers with limited internet access.

Make sure you give your booklets to local businesses that often target visitors to you. For example, tour operators and operators, transport operators, and perhaps restaurants. Each present agent must have these brochures as part of their sales kit.

Devote to Board Sign

The exterior of the motel will attract visitors at the last minute - especially if you are found on a busy highway. Travelers who do not plan their accommodations that night will be tempted by your warm and inviting sign.

So, plant your bed and breakfast clues that will make it easier to recognize your location. Unique features that enhance your overall branding will help you attract more existing customers.

Present Discounts on Call or Front Desk

Usually, when a potential traveler surfs multiple booking sites, they will land at your website and might want to call you for further explanation and even for a reservation.

Count this as an opportunity to present and call them in with a discount to keep them on the phone or interested, preferring to book them directly rather than using Online Travel Agency. If not, you can do the hard work of marketing, meanwhile, OTA will keep a fraction of your income.

Direct Bookings

Direct booking is a great idea for business since it is not commission-based, and you are in control of the relationship with your potential customer. Working on your website is a significant track to success in this area.

Get Managed

A market manager will:

4Inform you of the newest trends in your area.

4Ensure your inclusion in the tour packages that target your potential & favorite audience.

4Assist you to figure out paid marketing drives amongst your hotel and OTA.

Enhance Your Photo Gallery

Posting photos of your location will sell your rooms way faster than any appealing text because you leave very little for the visitors to imagine, and they will have a good idea of what to expect when they reach.

Customize your web images, so that the pages load faster. Make sure the file sizes are reasonable, without compromising their quality.

Put all your best photos in the upper section of the gallery.

Perk Up Those Extras

It is reported that 15% of visitors purchase extras during booking. Therefore, if your hotel reservation system is now offering them at the period of reservation, you are now in a sounder position to earn extra money with your direct booking this year.

If you have a modern booking system like PCI, you will be able to offer more at the time of booking, and send automatic emails after reservation.

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Tips for Bed & Breakfasts to Increase Income

Owning your own Bed and Breakfasts is always a great opportunity to know your guests personally, connecting with them on another level. But even when you do all you can, it never gives back in monetary terms?

You did all, didn’t you? Steaming coffee, delicious breakfast, cozy rooms…

Well, it is not limited to being just there in the present, it is about treating it as a business as well. You will have to look into a lot of different things such as investment, inventory, promotions, and much more.

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Meet the 3 Checks with Your B&B to Increase Direct Bookings.

Initially, each reservation seems like just another reservation. But when your business grows and you have more experience you start to understand while outsourced bookings are important, they also cost you an arm and leg.

When you provide accommodation, it is crucial for your business that you are able to grow first-hand bookings gradually over the number of third-party bookings. Such distributions are a beneficial part of running a hotel.

Let’s discuss the challenges that uprise when you want to increase direct bookings, and how you can overcome them with the help of your B&B, and our tips of course!

1. Approach to Get More Direct Bookings

Most of the boarders feel like they are racing against time while they have to collect as many reservations as possible, this makes them short-sighted. They do not find the time to think and study for ways to increase direct bookings.

How to change that?

Come up with a clear strategy that will help you achieve long term goals;

4Offer the discounts offered elsewhere.

4Treat your loyal customers with promotions.

4Build a website for your business where the visitors can see for themselves that why they should choose you.

2. Investment in The Right Technology

In addition to providing superior customer service, you need an existing tool to help you get those visitors back! It is not possible to keep in touch and communicate with all of the guests you have had, manually. You will eventually need a way to automate it.

How do you promote tourist loyalty? How do you gain their confidence so they can always recommend you to their circle of friends, family, and even strangers with testimonials?

How to change that?

Collect the Visitors’ Information

Guess what the people love after discounts? To be remembered! They expect to be remembered, particularly after they stay with you at a bed and breakfast. Therefore, you should not only store their data on multiple spreadsheets as a good long-term strategy if you intend to promote loyalty. You should be able to search your site and retrieve their information quickly, whenever you require it.

The hotel reservation engine is supposed to have a cloud database and a built-in feature in the website for visitor data, which would also give you instant access to all the visitor information you require. It will be convenient when a recurring visitor gives you a call to book, you can easily search your website and save their preferred room.

Keep in Contact

Contemporary hotel reservation engines allow you to manage and customize emails, using the colors of your product on each template and ensuring all recipients receive an individual acknowledgment. Each visitor gets the same experience, whether online or in person, from beginning to end.

Your interaction and communication with them before and after their stay is an important part of the visitor's experience. This is usually done by email. For instance, you can email them a reservation approval, a reminder about their stay, offer tips for their stay, and ask for feedback about their stay.

3. Increased third-party market share

The number of bookings through Online Tourism Agencies (OTAs) is increasing day by day. And that easily explains why they are investing so much into it.

The statistics show that 50 % of reservations in Europe are captured through OTAs, which makes them the owner of 90% of online tourism. They come to the decision of online reservation after thorough research of reading reviews and comparing prices.

How to change that?

The best initiative you can take here is to start investing your time and efforts into something that gives you the most return from bookings, i.e., your own website. One factor to consider here is that your website should be at least good enough or better than the outsourced ones. The visitors should find it convenient and easier to sort through and then book for themselves. Make the user experience as smooth as possible. 

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