Dating Naked Season 2 Is Making One Big Change

Dating Naked is headed back again to VH1 for round 2 this July, however the show won’t be exactly while you remembered. To shake things up, Dating Naked is making one big modification for Season 2. in the place of after brand brand new partners who will be dating into the nude every week, Season 2 will observe two daters who’ll stick to the show for many 10 episodes. Presumably, the contestants that are new completely stoked about all of that nudity.

Here’s just just just how it will work. Kerri Cipriani and Chris Aldrich, two young professionals who are seeking love within the nude, are signed on to function as the Dating Naked leads during Season 2. Cipriani is a traveling nursing assistant from Tampa that has been jilted in love in past times. Aldrich is from hillcrest, where he works being a economic consultant. The growing season 2 episodes had been shot within the Philippines, and certainly will feature a lot of other individuals that are nude also.

Relating to EW, every week, Cipriani and Aldrich could have a “nude romantic adventure,” but they’ll be joined by two extra nude people. The main couple gets to choose another nude person to join them on the island, like reverse Survivor at the end of each episode. The remainder show ought to be pretty comparable to season that is last featuring participants getting out of bed to any or all forms of crazy (and quite often refreshing) dating tasks when you look at the nude. EW also notes one episode will feature a few paper that is making molds of every other people’ butts.

Watching couples that are naked embarrassing very first times on digital digital camera had been about since awkward as you could expect during Season 1.

The show does try and blur down any real nudity, with boobs as well as other privates concealed in the show to permit it to atmosphere in a comparatively very very early timeslot on VH1. Needless to say, each time a show has been shot that totally follows around characters that are nude, there is issues. After last period aired, a mad contestant decided to sue the show following the reality show missed bleeping out her vagina and anal area throughout a mishap that quickly went extremely viral. The truth star, Jessie Nizewitz, had been furious and asked for ten dollars million dollars from VH1 to pay for her psychological harm.

Without doubt manufacturers were not longing for that style of controversy, but truly, these people were to locate lots of water cooler chatter. They first got it too, many thanks mostly to that particular infamous minute, plus the goofy premise. If all goes according to prepare going ahead, audiences should be able to see a minumum of one or two shocking moments through the second period whenever it premieres. Most likely, you will find few even even worse things for a real possibility show to be than bland.

You are able to get brand new episodes of Dating Naked–not become confused with Naked and Afraid, beginning on July 15, 2015 at 9 p.m. ET, just on VH1.